December 06, 2003 Saturday - 04:12

and so i am here again
in the night where nobody is with me
the lonely bit of time where it is silent but for the rustling of the diaries of the melancholy
and the insomniacs

i remember....
i rememeber
i haven't forgotten

msn is silent
one by one the friends have gone
are all asleep now and dreaming
try to talk online
where the connection seems real
as real as the tears of cartoon characters

the dark crowds in
the headphones play soundtrack after soundtrack
all drivel and pop and classical and kitschy music
to drown out the static silence
to drown out the clock
that is not still like i am

throwing words at the computer screen
freezing the moment
the thoughts of the moment
so i can revisit at my leisure

looking for sadness
but when the sadness is complete
nothing is sad any more

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