not good enough for stanford?

January 02, 2003 thursday - 15:11

it is EXTREMELY weird to be sitting at home while everyone else i know is going for their first day of school. i feel left behind. haha.


i got my sat 1 results. i took it for the third time, yes, i know i suck. but. whoa.

i got 800 for verbal. (again)


800 for math!!!!

which makes it 1600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in one sitting!!!

0.07% of all test takers get a perfect score.

ha, ha, stanford, i know you're seeing this score. it's your loss.


this is really really by the grace of God. i didn't really prepare for it (unless a month of A levels are counted as preparation) and i've got a track record of sub-700 maths scores.

i am so grateful. thank you, Lord, for this wonderful start to the year!

may it be a portent of better things to come.. i.e. A level results. *scared*

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