February 24, 2005 thursday - 02:18

the moon spins around and back again, and here i am once more.
across the u-turn i look back and i see myself, that half year ago, staring parallel at me.
this is the song i listen to, when i should be doing something i am not. over and over, until it burns itself in my memory, cold steel and warm hearts and desperation and desire and sadness and beauty and kindness and love, above all, pain to tear your hearts and mine apart. houses and gardens, youth into the ages, building a fairytale from a fairytale.
like a world in a snow glass
it is there, forever, contained, hidden in itself. turn it over once, watch the snow glisten as it falls, and cry at the beauty.
but i get tired of it
and i cannot return.
this world in the snow.

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