seven deadly sins

January 02, 2007 tuesday - 20:30

it's strange, isn't it? i said. and it was, on so many levels - the costumes people were dressed (or undressed) in, the types of alcohol lying around, the entire party. but the strangest thing was you.

i know you, i wanted to say, but i didn't say it. you are his ex-girlfriend. and here we are, sitting next to each other, and you know, and i know, that we have both slept with the same man.
and sitting next to you, i can't help but think of how he gasps my name as he comes in my mouth. and how his teeth feel on my neck in the dark. and how soft his skin is next to mine.
and i know what he has done with you, the little dirty secrets you share.

i can't help but think of all this, as i sit here next to you, and i know you are thinking it too.

i know this. i know we have both loved him. but i also know that he has loved only one of us. and that i am taking your leavings.

and i want to say this too: please, what magic are you working on him that keeps him so hooked on you still? why can't he let go?

but maybe it's for the best. because if he no longer loved you... what if he didn't love me then?

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