February 28, 2014 Friday - 21:23

i don't know what to think
but i do know -
i like spending time with you
i like it when you want to spend time with me
i like the attention you pay me
i like it when you take me out
i like it when you buy me food
i like it when we have private jokes that nobody else understands
i like it when you make me feel like i'm the only girl in the world.

but i don't like you, i don't want you, and i don't want more from you. we could never be together. we are like fire and ice, it would never work out.

so then why do i keep thinking about you? why do i keep hoping for more... and then realising i don't really want more?

let's be friends, i'd like to be friends. just friends, best friends, friends without secrets. ok?

this is a customary entry about a person whose name i might not remember when i read this in 5 years' time. congrats, you are important enough to me that you made it to my blog.

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