how i'd like to die

July 22, 2007 sunday - 23:30

i will rent a club and i will have a huge, incredible birthday party, with bottles and bottles of all sorts of alcohol. everyone gets a drink mixed specially for them by a hot bartender.

and fantastic food. and incredible door gifts - jewellery (tiffany's of course), ipods (or iphones!), flowers, books.

and there will be trays going around with lines of coke all cut up already, or thirds of e, and there will also be a cute dj playing incredible music. real dance music.

i will invite everyone i know, even if i haven't spoken to them in 10 years.
i will be the center of it all, because it's my birthday and it's a celebration of my life and everyone is there because of me.

and then, buoyed up by this incredible energy, goodwill, and joy, i will wish everyone good night, go home, and take pills until i slip into that sweet, familiar dreamless sleep.

and never wake up.

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