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November 08, 2012 thursday - 00:44

i look at that photo of the acropolis and i think, that was our last night in athens. we had a nice dinner at that funky restaurant near syntagma square, then decided to walk around for a bit - just the two of us. taking photos of buildings that were thousands of years old. enjoying the buzz, the street vendors that sold pewter trinkets, the posters painted onto the walls.

then we went back to the hotel.

that was five years ago.

since then, so many things have changed. i have changed. i have grown up, achieved so much, turned into someone else.

but still. it suddenly feels like it was just yesterday. and even though i only vaguely remember, now, those few months - snippets of time and flashes of memory - i cannot forget the pain, the longing, the pull on my heart.

he reminds me of you.

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