pride and prejudice

January 13, 2008 sunday - 01:27

does it make you scared when you see me, knowing that he loved me before he even knew you?

does it make you jealous that i am hotter, richer, more glamourous, talented and popular that you could ever be?

do you envy me this body and face that you will never have, no matter how much you exercise and how little you eat?

does it make you insecure when you think of me, knowing i have already taken what you are now struggling to win?

do you burn with shame knowing that i took him so easily, while you spent years pining for him?

do you wonder, when you are in bed with him, whether it was better with me and how i made him gasp my name in ecstasy?

do you ever think of me and know that it was because of me that you lost him irrevocably?

are you jealous of me?

all these come with a cost you have no idea about, and at the end of the day it is i who is jealous. not because i think you are more perfect. not because you ended up with the guy.
i am jealous of your happiness. that you have the chance to understand what it means to be loved for who you are, and that you still cradle in your chest a heart that is pure and whole.

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