exams soon!! too soon!!

october 7 2003, wednesday - 21:48 hrs

the feeling of waiting and counting down, like the middle of the night at 3 am before a flight off to holiday somewhere. mixed up with a frisson of shock, panic - just a smidgin, nothing too unbearable. the lonely fraternity of long nights.

i wish i wish i went overseas. living vicariously through the sadsweet reports of the londonites, the statesiders, of the cold mornings and tiny rooms and accents and fascinating disparate modules, of pounds and cigarettes and strangers, of the enthusiastic 'hello home!' emails, of the newness and excitement of things.


humbled, i am too proud, i seek solid food before i have learnt to drink milk. (what use is jurisprudence when you don't know what a court is?) God is truly amazing, He has blessed me with so much that i do not deserve. thank you thank you. i need to understand.


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