May 28, 2006 sunday - 14:37

here, returned, i miss you
but not in the way i once did

i miss missing you
innocence is not knowing, not understanding, of believing in only what you see.

the music of the balearic sunset washes over me. an island opening into the sea, the sunset painting the beach. here i am.

i have been there. i have done that. being apart from everything i was, i discovered who i could be. i crafted a new life, and i was clean, i was born again, i learnt who i really am.

we sat by the sea and you said, it is here that i have come to terms with myself. it is here that i have had time to think, to be away, to be alone.

for me, it was a time of returning from being alone.

and in the sunset we are silent, as we remember our lives left behind.

that i return to now.

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