the leaves in the sky

July 29, 2009 wednesday - 00:58

i return to our old places
the cafes where we used to sit
when the world once disappeared in your eyes
the waiter in his too-big shirt is gone now
the coffee is weaker now
- i wouldn't know. i don't drink it anymore.

the pain lingers long after the memory has faded
the ghost that whispers in my mind
i've forgotten your face
forgotten your touch
forgotten your voice
but the haunting pain remains.

these whispers of memory
like a friend, a lover
fill the place where you used to be
they keep me alive.

the past, shrouded in rose and mist, where everything, including the pain, is dead:
this is where i run to
where i hide
and this is where i come to meet you
long after you are gone

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