i've got a crush on you

June 23, 2015 tuesday - 23:48

how is it that you make me feel the way i do?

it's like i'm fifteen again and falling in love for the first time. you send me a message and i can't get any work done after that and have a big silly grin on my face the whole day. you text me at night and i can't sleep.

your theme song is mandy moore's crush.
his is.. daniel bedingfield. if you're not the one. cash cash's take me home (and the lyrics go: round in circles here we go. with the highest highs and the lowest lows. but no one shakes me like you do. my best mistake was you.)

your question is: why should anything happen?
his question is: why aren't we?

my 30 year old brain is telling my 15 year old heart to quit being stupid, to be rational, and to grow up. i don't even know why you interest me the way you do. you are like.. the first boy i kissed, late at night in an empty park. the one i threw him over for. the one who i pretended to like and ended up really liking. the hot one who turned gay. the one who was first a conquest and later a great friend, and who told me to take my foot off the pedal. the one who brought me home and destroyed my heart. the one i worked for. the one who i watched fireworks with, the one who got away.

the only one you aren't, is him.

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