one day morning

March 08, 2004 monday - 22:54

i'm so tired my psychomotor skills are all awry and i can't types properly

one day all this will seem like a joke.. a long and crazy semi-nightmare.. a dream.. one day all this will be something to cringe at, like the bad hair of the eighties, but more painful.. because one day, things will be different.. things will change.. they must.

one day everything will be fine..

more likely, one day all this shit will pass away....... and there will be shit of a different sort to deal with.

maybe things will be better.. well, how can they get worse?
and at the back of my head, yes i hear the voice that says, of course they can get worse and you know it.

but it's hard to imagine.

one day... one day things will be different, whether better or worse..


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