on my way home

January 06, 2003 Monday - 21:04

today i took a 45-60 min bus journey home from the esplanade. by a happy coincidence (and what a jane-austen-ish phrase that is) the bus happens to be the one i used to take home from school.

this is what i saw.

the esplanade area is lovely. since it is by the sea. it is so open, so empty, and so (very importantly) clean.

then the bus passed through the stamford road area (ymca - the old national library - raffles hotel - smu - history museum) and it is such a lovely place. there's so much class, and history, in the area. there are more trees, and more expensive "specialty" shops, than in the orchard rd area. i was almost convinced i should go to smu because it is such a nice place to study in! but then smu is a n00b university, which means the degree isnt worth all that much.

and then it went through the orchard rd area, and it was just.. too many ah lians and irritating people, young people. stuff like that. i'm quite sick of the place.. too many people, too noisy..

it got more and more crowded, and some woman in a white dress sat next to me, and her stupid bag was on my lap most of the journey. bah. i'm sure she didn't mean it though.

as the bus passed by rj i saw a bunch of j1s walking out of east sussex lane (to holland v). there were alot of white pants (ri) and khaki shorts (tchs). as usual. well, i used to be one of those (secondary-school-uniform-wearing-j1s). but i'm not anymore.

and while i was walking in from the bus stop i passed a house that looked like some balinese resort villa, and there was a white-and-grey cat sitting on the column next to the gate. i wanted to reach out and touch it.

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