this was meant to be farewell

December 10, 2006 - 02:59

i don't want to cry over you but

i don't understand why?

did you kiss me because you thought i wanted it? or because you did? i thought it was the second.. and i always thought it was that.. until i realised that it was maybe the first.

and i do want it.


and i want you, after everything. i don't want you to explain and i don't want you to talk..iiii just want you like that.

i want you so soso much

it was supposed to be the same.

but you spoiled everything

"i'm tired". "i don't want it any more".

remember that.

what was it? sarah. and in the end, it doesn't, shouldn't matter. it was all a waste of time.

i was wrong. and i read the signals wrongly.

maybe all it is.. is that you are more like me than i realise. except not, except you know how to say no. i was wrong. i was wrong. i'm sorry


this was mean to be a farewell, and so it shall be.

it is.


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