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February 12, 2003 wednesday - 23:08

i like reading the atlas. it's like when you're in the plane and looking at the screen in the chair in front that shows you the plane's flight path and where exactly it is (at least on SIA).

i think maybe cos every country is the same. green, or brown, or white. and every ocean is just as blue. the same red lines snaking through the lands.

everything is clean, neatly presented. and everything is the same. the cluttered, dirty, dusty cities and the endless rice plains; the hottest, wettest rainforests and the rain-starved deserts; all are the same green, brown, or white.

the world is not divided; iraq looks not much different from the usa. there are no racial divisions and no poverty lines.

and it is interesting to find the really weird names of some of the places there are out there.

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