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June 01, 2002 Saturday - 12:49

some thoughts on the ending of flame of recca (vol 33):

- neon is going to be VERY upset.
- especially since koganei got to go along with kurei.
- what's with that anyway? that's soo.. off. i suppose it is some sort of closure, and i quite like the idea of a cycle, i.e. kurei came from the past, mucked around with the present, then went back to the past. but still...seems a bit far-fetched to me.
- raiha's not gonna be very happy either. i don't think i'm the only one who got yaoi vibes from his raijin speech with fuuko. ("why do you fight for kurei?"....)
- speaking of raiha, what happened to him anyhow? i don't seem to remember an ending for him.
- and how about joker?
- recca is the fake flame caster and not kurei! *yessssss*!
- mi-chan is going to be one seriously messed-up kid. i just *know* there is going to be another deluge of mi-chan self-reflection fics that go something along the lines of "why didn't you tell me all this earlier, grandfather, i've been living a lie all along, my life is fake, i never knew anything, argh i am so pathetic, why don't you be my girlfriend, fuuko, so i feel better?"
- i *like* the idea of meguri kyoza (the person not the title) being his granddaddy. that FITs. (and it goes along with a fanfic idea i've been having, ha ha)
- i REALLY wish kurei didn't go back. it seems really out of place. and it kills off so many fanfic threads. heh. he's needed in this age so people can slash him and raiha or mi-chan. or put him with neon. (whatever.)
- and mi-chan is so *not* allowed to get together with that girl classmate of his. (is it true or is it just a rumour?) COME ON!! he is too good for her. he's prettier than she is. he's smarter. he's angstier. he's, like, mi-chan!!! and she's just some nameless high school girl. a GIRL. and he is a MAN. it's like.. heero and relena. (ok, maybe she isn't THAT bad.) even fuuko is better than that.
- and don't even *suggest* that she and domon...

oh well. all that said. i thought the ending as a whole (i.e. the last five volumes or so) was pretty well-done. it was good the way the mangaka explained all their stories. esp raiha and mi-chan. those were nice.

it was just the wrapping-up that sucked. (big time) and the art!! argh!!! how did mi-chan gain SO MUCH WEIGHT?!?!! i don't think i like that. HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FAT!!!

oh well..

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