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November 17, 2001 Saturday - 02:16

i have figured it all out. how to lose weight. this system does not fail.

assumptions made:
1. 1 pound of fat = 3500 cal
2. if you eat 3500 cal of food and don't burn off the calories, you gain 1 pound.
3. if you burn 3500 cal of energy and don't eat an extra 3500 cal, you lose 1 pound.
more or less. can't be very much wrong there, can i?


here it is.


here goes:

i just need to eat less than i burn.

but Mr. Fat won't be so easily defeated. he's a smart one, he is. when i eat less, i burn less. (i.e. all that jazz about metabolic rate) but i'm smarter! to keep up my metabolic rate, all i have to do is:

it's moronically simple. eat less, exercise more. everyone knows that. (except maybe the diet industry)

and I will eat ALOT less. and exercise ALOT more. and i will lose weight!


(don't you get the weirdest epiphany-type things in the middle of the night too?)

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