November 29, 2004 monday - 03:05

excuse my language, but i have been completely fucked over by the exams over the last few weeks.

i have been strung out, wrung out, and then hung out to dry with sharp metal clothespegs, but with the weather (rain everyday) i'm soaked to the bone and cold as anything.

i mean fucked. screwed five ways into tomorrow. wrists tied to the bed, legs torn apart, taken up the ass by a too-thick stake that pierces so deep it bleeds my heart, the pain stabbing unlubricated into me, rammed violently into submission, blindfolded, mouth open wide, screams unheard, voice hoarse, flung against the wall, ground into the floor, bruised, beaten, bloody; humiliated, horrified, hurt; whipped, worn-out, weeping.

i am tired
i am burnt-out
and i want this to end

in a good way

but i don't think it will.

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