The Lost Garden

January 30, 2013 Wednesday - 01:18

Still, thinking of you, I sometimes play a game.
What if we had walked a different path one day,
Would some small incident have nudged us elsewhere
The way a pebble tossed into a brook
Might change the course a hundred miles downstream?

The trick is making memory a blessing,
To learn by loss the cool subtraction of desire,
Of wanting nothing more than what has been,
To know the past forever lost, yet seeing
Behind the wall a garden still in blossom.

- the lost garden, dana gioia

it's been more than a year now, and i still wonder about that night. that moment, when you pulled up in my driveway. that question hanging at the tip of my tongue. I still wonder what could have been, if only i had the courage to ask.

But i didn't, and i got out of your car, and you drove off.

And that is that.

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