a diamond, a ruby, a sapphire

March 07, 2007 wednesday - 23:06

to you:

thankfully, the offer can now be rescinded. what we have left, we can enjoy.

to you:

so perhaps i was delusional. but it's alright. it was never meant to be perfect, and i was prepared to give you everything. but one thing you gave me was hope. and it is enough.

i am not happy, but i am not miserable. and i guess i was lucky to follow his advice. my foot is off the pedal, even if my heart is not in it.

but i wonder what you think.

would you have given it a shot?

would you still?

some part of me still hopes. some part of me wants to know. and some part of me is ready. if only.
after all you have told me, i would be stupid to even try. so that's that.

you are not ready. but when you are... what then?

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