erase and rewind

July 20, 2008 sunday - 22:42

it's been more than a year now.

a year since those painful nights by the singapore river.
a year since i screamed at you through the jams on the ECP.
a year since we reached for each other behind corners and under tables.
a year since the delirious summer, with another beautiful summer come and gone since.

looking back, with all most of the pain behind me, it seems nothing more than a beautiful dream. a fantasy conjured up by the heat and light of the grecian sun. magical. unreal.

we are strangers now. when we smile at each other, it is a smile that no longer has anything behind it. though you smile, i don't know if you are happy to see me. and i definitely don't know if i am happy to see you. our history has been buried in the sand and all that is left is this memory of a dream.

but dreams are for the night and it is morning now. all that is left for me is the pain.

and that, is real.

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