the group

September 14, 2012 Friday - 23:53

Tonight, i say a prayer for you, and me, and everything we've lost.

I am thankful for the group that brought me into and through that low point in my life. For each person, even if not a friend, who drank with me, laughed with me, watched the world cup with me, travelled with me.

I miss the feeling of belonging to a group and of always having a table at butter on Friday nights. I'm sure we all look back to that time fondly, before all the fallings-out began.

But we all grow up. Look at him, getting married. Look at them, now with real jobs. Look at me, negotiating deals on my own. Look at you, the first to leave; you brought us together and tore us apart.

And we'll never go back. We'll probably never have something like that again. But we'll remember it fondly.

All along, I was thankful for the group, because that was what I needed in that point in my life, and wasn't it useful to have this bunch of people supporting me along the way? But I now realise that the group was something transient, and was something that every one of us needed for one reason or another.

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