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friday, 15th august 2003 - 00:41 hrs

it's friday morning and i am awake with what is i think my third headache in 24 hours.

so is this it? that wonderful thing called university? when everyone else i know is still deciding whether or not to take certain modules, i have pages and pages and pages of readings, assigments due.. i am behind on my readings already and it is the first damn week of the first damn year of school.

life? what life? i have no energy to party. no energy even to have lunch with friends. no energy to think about how i will miss those that are going overseas. no energy to go for CCAs, no energy even to find out what CCAs there are in the first place. i don't know. i don't care.

so is this it? four years seems a long time.. and i am the smallest fry now. i know nothing. is this stress? hah. just wait. it gets worse.

yet at then end of the day i am but a stranger in this world, i am just passing through, and my home is with the Lord. this is all transient and will one day be forgotten. i just want that one day to be now.


i need to stop being a lazy bum.

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