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January 19, 2003 sunday - 00:33

the other day on the train it was really crowded and i was standing next to two rgs girls. they were sec three, which i know because one of them was carrying "Interactive Geography 3".

they must have thought they were pretty cool and all, since they're already sec 3 (almost sec 4! almost graduating!) and their belts were pulled low low down and their pinafores were really short.. and one of them (hereafter known as "A") had long hair with wisps hanging over her face, which really did not suit her cos the bits of hair were curling left right and centre and she looked messy. and the other (hereafter known as "B") had shoulder length hair which she had to tie up in school cos of school rules but let down after school. i'm sure it can look nice but right then it was all pouffy and sticking out from having been tied up the whole day and well she just looked strange.

and they were talking in fakey-fakey american accents, well at least A was, not sure about B, because B sounded more natural. A was definitely faking it.

B asked, "i wonder what i should eat later, the salmon (something) or the chicken teriyaki? i always eat the chicken but i like the salmon though i've only tried it once" or something like that.. like, what-everh!

oh gosh. what poseurs.

and B's arm, holding on to the metal pole, had a thin white scar in the middle of the forearm, horizontally dividing the flexor carpi radialis longus muscle area in two.

i am 98% sure. that she does it only cos other people do it. that she has tried it, and thought, oh, wow, i'm such a poor pitiful thing and i'm so special too.

and from what i saw, i could tell that A wants to be just like her.

how pathetic B is.


pretentious little kid.

and i'm just like her.

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