chance meeting

October 09, 2007 tuesday - 22:31

in the mall, there were four of us,
and four of you.

oh! said one of us, there are the -------. though one of you was not.

did any of you think, oh! there are the ----?
though one of us was not?

and if i am not, what am i?
where do i fit?

and in that two seconds where we passed, i saw our lives before and behind us, stretching out like a desert. there is a line drawn in the sand, and you are on one side and i, the other. facing each other. opposed to each other.

once we were together, and you held my hand as we walked up and down the line together.
but today, the division has never seemed more insurmountable.

the separation is complete. all that is left? is empty silence and the memory of hope.

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