between the galaxies

April 18, 2015 saturday - 18:33

it's comfortable when we talk.
but it's also alright if we are silent.
when i hear you typing and expect to see a message from you, and i do. when our keyboards clatter, yours then mine then yours then mine, in symmetry, i wonder that nobody else hears.
i think of you all the time, of things you like, things that would make you smile, things i can do for you.
i like the closeness we have, the familiarity, the comfort, all with a slight tinge of nervousness.
your scent sometimes lingers when you are not there and it reminds me of you.
i like the secret things you share with me. i like when you love what i make for you. i like when we are in a group but it's just the two of us.
when we both look up, across the room, and catch each other's eye, and grin.
and i walk alongside you, behind you, next to you.

i love you but i'm not in love with you.

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