pretentious crap

October 13, 2002 - 23:03

leave me alone world. let me be, leave me to spin unfettered through the blindness of time, leave me to slip unnoticed between the layers of men.

leave me alone world. pass me by, pass over me with your burdens of life and all of life's needs.

go away world. take from me these fragments of worry, i do not wish to be filled with these stresses.

let me slide into an ageless limbo, without need or desire, without love or hatred, without food or hunger, without life and without death. let me disappear, let me fragment into a million sparkling pieces, let me be swallowed by an infinite white light.

leave me alone world. i do not want to be a part of you any more.


i want to be thin. i want to be thin. i want to be thin. dammit, i want to be thin.

but i am fat.

why does it hurt so much, that i am not thin
that i am fat?

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