shades of revolution

August 27, 2001 Monday - 02:46

someone else's diary said something like, "aren't the perfect people the ones who end up with eating disorders and mental problems?"

so maybe it's not just me. maybe it's the whole world.. maybe everyone is cynical and morbid and Depressed. but it's true, isn't it? eating is ugly. ergo, if you can control that, you must be perfect.

look. perfect.

i'm listening to beautiful instrumental music now that reminds me of those anime scenes where some guy is looking out across the scenery.. and it's beautiful. breathtaking. a space colony glittering in the stars.. a city spread out below a plateau... and the sad thing about it is that while it may look beautiful... it's not. inevitably, something bad will happen to that place, for example, getting destroyed. but the ugly places, the industrial estates and inner cities and brownfields... they never seem to get destroyed.

maybe life is like that. it is only the beautiful that suffer.

maybe because that only makes the beautiful..... more beautiful.


it's raining. i like rain. it makes me feel all nice and cosy when i'm indoors.. and strong and free when i'm outdoors. and there's something about rain that's so romantic.. .


why is my service provider so slow? it's the middle of the night, for goodness' sake! how many people can be online, eh?? come on, give me some speed...


i wonder what people would say if i died.

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