down the rabbit hole

July 06, 2010 tuesday - 02:21

i wake up in the night, drenched in sweat, thinking of you.
the waves crash through my body, and my skin is at once dull and on fire.
pull me down, down, so far into sleep that i cannot come up again.

i wonder if you miss me. if your fingers trace my shoulders in the empty air. i wonder if you think of me.

please push me into the rabbit hole. throw me off the edge, so that i fly, and i never want to come back down to earth. in this space there is nothing, no fear, no beauty, no self, only the pure endless white.

sing me to sleep. here, where the air is dry, i lie waiting for you. my eyes, glued shut, trace the tails of the shooting stars that fall out of the dark.

i wait for you to kill me.

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