the sleepy blue light of dawn

January 17, 2003 friday - 22:26

i wonder, how i know the people i know? all these people i know from online. all the lives i know so intimately from the blogs i read. it's strange how a link leads to a link leads to a link leads to a page leads to a recognition - this person is someone i know. not because i have met him or her, but because he or she is like me. and over time, i become familiar with them. though they do not know i read their lives even.

and as i pass people in the street, i wonder, is there someone here i know? that guy asking me to fill a survey, is he the one who said such-and-such a thing; the girl who accidentally knocked into me, is she the one who secretly loves such-and-such a schoolmate but daren't tell him?

how strange, these tenuous and wispy strands of knowledge. how strange, how these linkages form, unknowingly and unconsciously. perhaps they are charted in another imaginary reality, a world of uncountably many spider threads thrumming as they join people to people to people. and how strange, that in this solid world the people and people and people are all alone.

and how strange are the relationships that form. how strange it is that the people and people and people should worry, be joyful, cry, laugh, care, for people who do not know them. how strange, and how amazing.

this intangible, incorporeal network is spun from goodwill and love and affection, is voyeuristic, and escapist, and we all in it become the ones whom we read.


God has been gracious to me the last few days.

thank You :)

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