sing me your song

June 06, 2004 sunday - 14:48

play with me

i am too young
don't do this to me
make me want things i shouldn't want
undo the damage you have caused
return me
to who i was before

don't do this to me

you lie to me

i want to believe you
i want to believe you

but you confuse me
you man of contradiction
i don't know what you want

flattery gets you everywhere

so beautiful
and so ugly

how could you do this to me
don't you dare

and yet
i come to you

let me forget

i must forget
even though i want so badly to remember this memory
even though i want so badly for it not to even be a memory yet

your flowers in the vase are a slap in my face

i want to lead that life
but i cannot allow myself to
i cannot give up what i have become
but i want that so much i could cry
if i were free to make this decision
i would make it another way.
i want it so much.

i sit here shivering

lead me not into temptation

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