the airport looms, excited

June 27, 2003 friday - 20:26

i have quit my job.

today, i went to the office.

tomorrow, i will fly to australia.

no more breakfasts at The Arcade. no more lunches at my computer. no more adrenaline rush from an unfinished affidavit twenty minutes before appearing in court. no more quiet mornings looking out the window over the river. no more client's meetings. no more the strange sweet air freshener smell in the toilet. no more friendly introductions to the smartest brains in litigation. no more taking notes in court. no more people thinking i am twenty-seven.

time to interact with people my age. time to put away the smart clothes. time to wear a sweater and not a jacket. time to learn of what i have already seen. time to be a schoolgirl and not a (pretend) lawyer.

it has been good.

not wonderful, but good.

i am thankful.

i was glad to leave. i do not regret leaving the duties, the scope of my job. but i will miss the people: the strange six-year old, the incredible milk teddy, the friendly overworked pupils, the shy attachees, the knowledgeable little boy, the sweet small friend, the people fooling around at 8 with the smell of dinners stalking the un-empty corridors, the pretty lawyer, the handsome chinese-indian guy. i will miss them all, i will want to see them all again.

and now, i shall pack. i shall bring my md player.. the plane shall soar to the swell of rachmaninoff's adagio sostenuto. into the night. into the future.

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