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July 18, 2003 friday - 17:19

sitting here in the heat and the humidity, it is difficult to remember that cold exists.

the clouds above me reach out, spanning the globe, extending over the oceans and the deserts and the mountains and the seas. i, small person that i am, am but a speck in this endlessly spinning endlessly sparkling world. i am limited by the knowledge of what i know exists. yet there is outside of me so many deep secret worlds i have not yet seen that i will never see.

planted in me is a seed of wanderlust. i want to step up and shake off all that is my life. i want to leave.

i will travel up the malaysian peninsula into the hanging jungles of asia, then through the myriad peoples of china. i will head west, through the frigid siberian snowscapes, passing by the smells and oils of india, then head down europe. from the cold of norway in the dark to the cosmopolitan wonderland of france and germany to the sunsplashed whitewashed mediterranean vineyards. i will dance through south america, up into and across the united states, and ski down canadian slopes. i will pass alaska, then fly across the turning pacific ocean into new zealand. and i will do it again and again and never come back.

i want to take it all in, the peoples rich and poor, ambitious and weary, ugly and beautiful. i want to see the layers of worlds that exist one on top of the other, the vibrant subcultures hidden and unhidden. i want to learn what is this that is called human, how he lives, how he dies. i want to see everything.

i wish.

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