red and white polo

April 10, 2007 tuesday - 17:16

i measure the passing of time by the things that happen. the people that come by.

yesterday it was evening, beginning with an e. and then sunset, with an s.
and then the three girls, with palpable excitement. reminiscing, and recourse to photographs. remembering. the dust, the sun, the blood, that bathed the light red. bull fights in a red bullring.

today when you came in i fell in love. why must we be friends? we are so close, we could almost be lovers. u rely on me. i rely on u. give me your hand.

but almost is too far away from is.

the two who told me to rest. i loved one, but i love the other now.
won't you take care of me? i'll take care of you, i promise i will.

now that we have our own separate duties, we are drawn irresistably to each other. isn't it? i feel you falling towards me.

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