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August 26, 2001, Sunday - 03:22

in my mind we are together forever
in my mind we are not apart.
in my mind time does not hurt us
and you did not break my heart.

in my head i see you smiling
in my head i think you care.
in my head we have a future.
and one day we'll get there.

but life is not that perfect
and life is so unkind.
we'll never have a future.
and we have no more time.

i pray that you will find it
whatever you're looking for.
i know i'm nothing to you
i know you deserve much more.

and i know that you'll be happy
i know she will be too.
because i will be praying
for the both of you.


a hope so big and so small. i'm thinking of you again. a girl without a heart. a girl who wants to die. a girl who wants to fall apart. a girl who weeps. a girl who needs. a girl who needs a friend. a friend who doesn't hear. a friend who is sleeping. a friend who doesn't know. a friend who doesn't care. a friend who takes. a friend who doesn't give. a girl who doesn't receive. a girl. a girl who needs a boy. a boy who is sleeping. a boy who doesn't care. a boy who is far, far away. a boy who is more important than the girl. a girl who cries only when nobody is looking. a girl who cares so much. a girl who cares too much.

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