November 03, 2007 saturday - 21:51

as time cycles around, and i feel like i am coming back to the beginning, it is hard to not draw the parallels. it is hard not to remember, and to try and keep forgetting.

i must forget. even if my soul aches with the loss of memory.
because the pain of not forgetting is even worse.

and for this.. you are no longer the only one i blame.

i musn't remember. because it's not right to live in the past. not even to take short vacations there.

but i close my eyes and you are there; i breathe in and it is your scent; i reach out and feel your clothes beneath my fingers; i sleep and i dream that you are beside me; i awake and i turn to look at a shaded sunrise we once watched together.

how can i forget all this?

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