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October 24 2003, Friday - 14:03

Remember to read all the cases.

What will she ask? It's the little things you take for granted she will question you on and kill you over. Go back to first principles and take a closer look. Cite for every word you say.

head and shoulders above the rest but not good enough still. intimidated.

What's the rule and the sub-rule and the sub-sub-rule and the sub-sub-sub-sub-submarine, schizophrenia and it doesn't make sense. Spoken like a drama script. [faster and faster until it becomes incoherent.]

take a deep breath, take a step back. this is only a small project. it is not so important in the grand scheme of things. we can do it. we can work through it.

remember what is important, refuse to be overwhelmed by what is not.

but nothing makes sense anymore.

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