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December 14, 2002 Saturday - 13:04

oh the camp was really fun. i went for it expecting to be stone-d and sulky the whole time.. but i wasn't. there was so much joy in the people there, i guess it was kind of infectious. i didn't have to stick to the friend who invited me.. the people are so accepting and friendly. it was really good.

and spiritually, i feel.. better. it's not that i have any more answers now to the questions about God and life that i do not even know.. it's just that i feel more of a Christian now. i guess it was the first time i've had a meaningful Christian experience in months.. haven't been going to church cos of exams -.-

i met so many nice people.. these people are so incredibly friendly.. and it's a sincere sort of love that they show me. buy the last two days, i felt so.. at home. like i belonged. though not even a week ago i didn't know any of them! heh.

well i met this guy, and it was.. like.. we clicked. it was alright talking to him and everything.. the conversation wasn't contrived or anything. (smiles)

no, don't get me wrong. i don't like like him. i like him as a friend. anyway he deserves a much better girlfriend than someone like me.

k.. i'm making loads of spelling mistakes >.< cos of the lack of sleep... gonna take a nap soon.


my letter from stanford is coming soon. i am SO SO scared. today when i got home, there was a thin letter and a fat letter waiting for me. i saw the thin letter first and almost fainted (exaggeration..) but it wasn't from a university. then i saw the fat letter.. it was an acceptance letter........ from LSE. yeah. bah. haha. well, i am grateful for it, but it was sort of an anticlimax.


can't think anymore.. eyes are getting blurry.. haha. *zzzzzzzBOnk*

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