existence is a state of mind

February 02, 2002 Saturday - 12:15

it would be wonderful, if someone loved me. someone i feel comfortable with, someone i could tell everything to, even the deepest sickest parts of my heart. and he would understand. and he would still love me. he would hold me when i cried and tell me i was beautiful. he wouldn't tell me i wasn't too fat, or that i looked thinner if i didn't. he would catch me when i fell and carry me in his arms.

and i would feel safe.

he would need me. the person i really am. and i wouldn't need to pretend to be someone else, because the only person he wants is ME. he would find forever in me and grow through me into a life less ordinary. he would know and understand all my fears and insecurities and pain, and he would need them.

and he would feel loved.

and we could close our eyes and still see each other. we would reach for the stars and we would fly away. together, we would be perfect.

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