theatre of dionysus

August 23, 2007 thursday - 23:32

i dreamed of you yesterday.

i dreamed about an empty room. i walked in and there you were. and you had your fingers on her face. you were drawing her towards you.

and i cried, knowing i was not allowed to. and i apologised. and i got angry. and all the while it was hopeless.

and you were cruel. and i awoke devastated.

it was a dream of you, but it felt like someone else with your face. and i didn't know you.

and that dream haunted me the whole day. when i looked at you i wanted to cry.

i need you
is there someone else you love?
why are you a stranger?
why do you resent me?

what have i done to you? what did i do to deserve this?
please don't be like this.
please let's go back to the way it used to be.
i need you
i need you


i lack the strength to carry on in this life
but i lack the courage to choose the alternative.

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