March 16, 2013 saturday - 00:14

these are the most tragic

the loss, the tragedy, the emptiness of a life not fully lived.

i hope you will meet, and be friends, and join in the most joyous worship of our god together - wait for me, for one day i shall join you.

i knew you for a season only. i was your student for a while. maybe you didn't even know my name. and i grieve not because i knew and loved you, but because i know the pain of those who did.

it's not fair, to have a life cut short so abruptly. yours was a life lived to the fullest, with joy, with love, with enthusiasm, with meaning. and to end in this manner - is unbearable.

the only consolation is that we will meet again, one day, on that distant shore, together with all we have loved.

all i can do is pray for peace to those whose pain cannot be borne.

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