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December 23, 2001 Sunday - 00:00

i'm a slytherin. i think if i got hufflepuff i would have cried. what with all the connotations of fat..

What time is it right now?: midnight
Full name: not telling
Nicknames: "hey!" or "oi!" no, not telling either
Birthdate: a long while back
So that means you're how old?: 17
Zodiac sign: virgo
Height: five feet six and a half inches
Eye color: dark brown / black
Hair color: dark brown
Righty or lefty: or top or bottom or center?
Piercings: one in each ear
Tattoos: no
Birthplace: singapore
Hometown: singapore
School: rjc
GPA: irrelevant
Hobbies: reading drawing netting
Screennames: can't remember all of them
E-mail address: go away.
What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?: huh???
Siblings (Names and ages): sister. younger.
Pets: sounds perverse. am i supposed to give an answer like "the guy chained up in my basement"? none.
Do you know your neighbors?: not this bunch
Do you have a roommate?: no
Colors: red and black. blue? white?
Number: why would anyone have a favourite number???
Book: jane austen rocks. hurrhurr. i don't know. a lot.
CD: none. mostly jrock.
Radio station: my radio is tuned to p10 and power98 but i only listen to them late late at night when it isn't all pop drivel like it is normally.
Song at the moment: bg music to sakura taisen. AXN, weekdays, 1830h.
TV station: none
TV show: other than random anime..well.. i think it's interesting to watch the movies they show on tcs 8 at like 2 in the morning.. old stuff.. laugh at the clothes and hair.. and be amazed at how FAT the actresses were then.
Cartoon character: this means anime, i suppose? (random order) treize, heero, sometime duo and trowa (gwing); raiha, kurei, mi-chan (flame of recca); shinguji kazuma and the cute bad guy (sakura taisen); marron glace <- totally based on his looks (bakaretsu hunters); kenshin (RK); yui (alichino); can't remember who else. mostly they're really pretty, skinny guys with tortured, convoluted histories.
Movie: i don't know, but right now i really want to watch kandahar.
Person to talk to online?: nobody
Person to talk to on the phone?: nobody
Drink: diet soda. sweet, (as good as) no calories, filling. brush your teeth after.
Alcoholic drink: the kind in the tiny shot glasses
Class: econs lectures.
Flower: none.
Word/Phrase: --silence--
Smell/Scent: the gap, 'dream'
Actor: nobody
Sport to watch: rhythm gymnastics. friggin skinny.
Sport to play: mind games. ha ha.
Animal: cats
Vehicle: jag xj6. but the s type'll do.
Female friends: you know who you are. but i hope you aren't reading this.
Male friends: men are fools.
Hangout: home
Summer vacation: winter location
Pick-up line: it's not the line that gets the girl. it's the guy.

Love life ( Or lack thereof )
First crush: some bastard
First kiss: that bastard
Single or attached: single
If attached...who and for how long?: to myself
Date around or tied down?: tied down? what does that mean, hmm?
Ever been in love?: i don't think love between teenagers can exist.
If so, who and are you still?: ....
Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
Do you believe in "the one?": the jet li movie? well, yes. seriously, i believe that you make your "one". but i don't worry about it because i know ultimately God will take care of me.
Describe your ideal significant other: this will take too long. suffice to say, that sort of guy would be too good for me and i would never dare go after him.
Describe your ideal date: being able to talk and not worry about awkward silences
Sweetest thing that special someone has ever done for you: been nice to me

Juicy stuff
Have you ever skinny dipped?: no
If so, been caught?: no
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: no
If so, when, and was it mixed company?: no
Have you ever been intoxicated?: yes
If so, when and with who?: the last time, it was at a party, and i woke up in a bed that wasn't my own. (a female friend's! sheesh.)
Favorite place to be kissed?: forehead
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": no
Are you a tease?: no

Opposite sex ( Females fill this out )
Boxers or briefs?: don't care
Long or short hair?: depends on what looks good on the guy. long, mostly. shoulder-length. and it has to be WASHED. and COMBED.
Dark or light hair?: whatever colour God gave.
Eye color: whatever
Short or tall?: taller than me
Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny?: both.
Good guy or bad guy?: dark, brooding, troubled guy. i honestly don't think i would care if he abused me. to an extent, at least
Piercings?: ears only. but preferably not.
Cologne: as long as he doesn't stink
Snowboarders or surfers?: snowboarder.
Greek or geek?: both
Tan or fair?: not too tan, not too fair
Stubble or neatly shaven?: yuck, no stubble please.
Outdoorsy or sportsy?: does it matter?
Accent or none?: as long as he is understandable
Feature you notice first: don't know. reputation? hah.

Are you a
Wuss: no
Druggy: no
Gang member: no
Daydreamer: no
Alcoholic: no
Freak: no. er. maybe
Dork: no
Bitch/Asshole: no. i think.
Brat: yes.
Sarcastic: not really.
Goody-goody: kind of
Angel: no
Devil: no
Horny: no
Friend: i don't know
Shy: no
Talkative: sometimes
Adventurous: impetuous
Joker: sometimes
Pimp/Playa: no
Call-girl: no
Sporty: i guess
Intelligent: i hope so
Flirty: no. i hope

Future side
Occupation: anything that makes me rich
Dream vehicle: wasn't there something about a car earlier on?
Marriage?: it doesn't matter. but i guess it would be nice.
Kids?: not right now. i think i would screw them up.
If so, their names and how many?: they would def. have christian names, not just chinese ones. something less common than, say, 'michelle', but still normal.
Pets?: cats
Honeymoon: nice hotel room.
Dream house: big house.
What are you doing tomorrow?: (later today) going to church. worry about food.

Word association
Rubber gloves: dexter's mom
Rock: God
Green: eyes
Wet: water
Cry: the feeling you get after.
Peanut: lots of oil, fattening, dangerous. do not eat.
Hay: skis. (the last pair of skis i rented had hay on them)
Hot: sun
Cold: good for losing weight
Steamy: steamed chicken.
Fast: not eating.
Freaky: the missy e song. (get your freak on)
Stick shift: huh? (i am trying not to think too much)
Rain: good for sleeping in. nice to run in.
Bite: teeth marks
Suck: you suck.
Blow: blow wind blow.
Hard: brittle
Extra long: *sigh* i give up trying not to think to much. what do you think?!
Limp: well.
Needle: some madonna vid where she pricks her finger and a drop of blood wells out
Oral: dental hygiene
Honey: sticky. ants. calories.
High heels: stilettos.
Fetish: for some reason, the word "foot" seems to belong before "fetish".
Seal: *makes honking seal noises*
Napkin: the Ranch napkin that lists the caloric content to loads of fast food.
M.D.: daddy
Pakistan: osama
Elevator: U2. as in, 'elevation'
Red: and black.

Random questions that are just good to ask
Memory or thing you miss most: the way i feel when i do/see/hear certain things.. when i'm brought back to some time in the past.. and i felt the same way.. i don't remember why, or what happened, but the memory of the feeling will always be there.
Memory you'd like to forget: the whole of sec 3.
Thing you regret most: see above
What you did this weekend: nothing.
Last person you talked to on the phone: a fax machine.-.-
Last song you listened to: i just watched half (the guy i was downloading it from went offline..) of malice mizer's "illuminati" PV so i guess it's that. *whoa* i think if i went back over some of the other questions i would have to give other answers.. the thing is though that it's (the video) supposed to be very very S&M but it's not?? maybe not yet. oh well. one thing though.. gackt has a gorgeous voice.
Last thing you ate: breakfast
If you could be a crayon, what color would you be?: i don't know. it isn't up to me.
What's the weather like?: not snowing, that's for sure.
What's right next to you?: wall on one side, window on the other.
How do you eat an Oreo?: don't eat it.
Contacts or glasses?: both.
Who's your daddy?: God
Do you like to dance?: not the shaking-butt kind, but yeah. ballet.
Shy to make the first move?: i'm not shy but i would never force someone to suffer the attentions of one he might not be attracted to.
Sleep with a stuffed animal?: a bolster. i used to, though, and half my bed went to them.. cos i couldn't just sleep with one; i was worried the others would get jealous.. haha.. and that wasn't all that long ago, i was, i think, 13 or 14??
Stupidest thing you've ever done?: the whole of sec 3.. other than that.. eat too much, maybe
Night or day?: night.
Are you high?: no
Are you drunk?: no

Ready for the last question?

What are you wearing right now?: ratty stuff to sleep in.

Sorry, I lied. This is the last question.

What time is it right now?: 0052h
Last Words: gackt rocks.


(Japanese Shift-JIS encoding required)
The bells have rung, the time has come
I cannot find the words to say my last goodbye

- hyde, 'evergreen' (english translation from 'evergreen -english ensemble-')

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