witness my hand

February 05, 2003 wednesday - 21:45

sitting on the nth floor
in the LA's room
staring out the window
three buildings.

so high up
it is quiet
as if there was nobody around
nobody behind the tinted windows

street level,
hordes of people
the worker drones
some more well-paid than others
a crowd to belong to

so high up
it is silent
no people at all
but the silent three buildings
and a patch of white/grey sky
a different world
the three buildings
three silent sentinels
three unmoving friends
as white/grey as the sky
concrete and tiles
on the walls
small tiles like in the toilet

the buildings have their own geography
the climate of the cities
urban heat island
3d structure alters the way the wind blows
the way heat moves
three unmoving friends
it is a different world

nothing changes
at this level,
n stories into the air
the sky remains white/grey
as it always has
though no-one sees it
no-one does.

and the rain is falling
falling like dust
like snow.

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