a day in the life of the reasonable man

February 17, 2004 tuesday - 23:07

we feel tired. we think it strange, how physical and intellectual tiredness grow to become a spiritual and emotional and holistic existential tiredness. how stretching the mind becomes stretching the body becomes stretching the soul.

and we wait, in this miniscule respite we have been granted, breathing softly, for the next three weeks. hit us with your best shot.

we think it strange. how we feel so controlled, so vulnerable and helpless. how we place ourselves willingly upon the rack, how we bind ourselves, how we approach the sacrificial altar with uncomplaining tired minds. how we applaud those who stand before us with the sword raised high.

and how we in turn take this anger we cannot express and inflict it on others who cannot hurt us back. but a blade cuts both ways. we hurt ourselves as we hurt them.

and it hurts. it really hurts.

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