September 17, 2001 Monday - 17:46

i'm so, so, so terribly disappointed. in you.

but to say you've let me down would imply that i had something on you which i could rely on in the first place, and i didn't; never did. i only had the hope that you would be good enough to do that which you weren't expected to. because you're so perfect, and you've surpassed my every expectation of you so far. so maybe i got ahead of myself.

because how hard would it have been for you to text me a simple message that meant nothing to you and the world to me? how hard would it have been to remember?


sorry. i'm sorry. that was uncalled for, i can't allow myself to imagine that i am worth anything at all to you. i shouldn't pretend that i am more than nothing, that i mean something to you. you didn't remember - who did? you were just being... normal. and you have every right, and then some, to be the way you are.

i wish you all the best, i care about you, i want only the best for you.

because all this, life, everything - it doesn't matter. what matters?

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