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January 24, 2003 friday - 22:25

"so how's your bf?"
"i don't have a bf.."
"no lah don't bluff!!"

i don't have a boyfriend, which is fine with me, except that i do like someone, which is not.

and that someone is an amazing person with an amazing scholarship and an amazing life and an amazing future. when he graduates, he's going to join the civil service (duh) and in maybe 15 or 20 years time become one of those all-in-white politicians shaking silly people's hands at silly meet-the-people sessions at silly void decks acting being interested in their silly problems and generally being very important.

and i, i will be a lawyer or an accountant or some other boring thing maybe. propably somewhat successful, somewhat stressed, somewhat busy, somewhat free, somewhat married, somewhat happy, somewhat sad, somewhat restless.

wondering what sort of difference i could have made if i had taken (assuming the psc people liked me, which i doubt they would) a scholarship and entered the civil service.

wondering what would have happened if all those years ago (i.e. right now) i hadn't given up on the scholarship route.

he will be the sort of people who make/change the rules we all live by, and it will be the sort of rules that get talked about in the newspapers with some nice quote from him and subsequently letters in the Forum about. i will be the sort of people who complain about how the stupid government is doing all this without really thinking, or listening to what the people say, but secretly i will remember that i once knew this policymaker fella.


some peeves:

pages that play music when you go in. just let me listen to my mp3s in peace!!
it is weird not wierd

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