April 23, 2004 friday - 17:02

i am so completely totally incredibly extremely overwhemingly in love with hyde's voice. the more i listen to him to more beautiful it gets. when he climbs into the higher ends of his range, the bits where people normally get choked up on and where their throat closes up, his voice soars and flowers so, so beautifully.


i don't know what to say to you. just just leave me alone. you give me this and expect me to know what to do with it. but it only hurts me. and it hurts you even more. just forget all of this. just make it go away. if you were content to live with it hiding in your heart and your mind, life would have been easier for us all. but now you give me this burden that i do not know how to bear. and what do i do? what do i say?

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