why can i not concentrate?

June 05, 2002 Wednesday - 23:43

sigh.. i'm terrible, yes i am. i'm supposed to be doing my stupid project, but i've just been procrastinating like hell, i'm only about 4000 words into it.. *sigh* i feel really really bad about it, because everytime i turn on the computer i go and oekaki instead of writing it. and oekaki-ing takes such a loooong time.. i mean if i wanna do someting good i spend, what, four hours on one pic?? like how dumb is that??

i was so upset i went to oekaki central and totally spammed the training grounds.. but its full of crap anyway my 20-minute shit is tons better than all of it.

sigh sigh sigh.

i wish i could not procrastinate, i've already wasted a week and a half. why can't i just concentrate? i don't have the time to waste on the stupid oekaki and this stupid blog.. what's wrong with me???

i just want to be empty, and rot...

and why does it mean so much to me what people comment? i just want them to say something.. am i good or not?? but nobody's flamed me which is good i suppose..


back to work :(

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