gulf of persia

October 08, 2006 sunday - 23:23

the days and the nights slip past, and we fall into the same old routines.

i take full responsibility for what happened.
would i do it again? i think it had to be done. despite all the heartache, the bitching, the misery, the hurt that i have caused, and that i have endured, i would; it needed to be done. or rather, this was one way the story could have ended.

we find happiness in what we can get.

i miss you. miss you miss you miss you. miss the way you smell and the way you feel. miss talking to you and drinking with you. miss the taste of cigarettes on your lips and the sound of your laughter. miss the emails you send and the nonsense you text me. miss meeting you in places where i know nobody but you. miss having my hand in yours. miss falling asleep and waking up next to you. miss you miss you miss you.

and i believe one day that we will be happy.

i know how you think you could never love another person. i know how much you want her to be the One, and how much you want to be her One.

i don't want to take her place. and i don't want you to love me. but i do care, intensely, still, and i want you to be happy. if i have no place in your happiness, so be it.

i'm not asking. i'm not hoping. i'm not wanting.

but i miss you.

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